Ministerial Alliance to build three large crosses

By TV Hagenah

Jim Witcher of the Ministerial Alliance officially announced last week that the alliance would begin work on building three large crosses at the east end of Tucumcari as symbols of Christianity to both residents of the town and to those people driving through on I-40.

“It will be a way to dedicate Quay County and Tucumcari to Jesus Christ,” said Witcher.

The crosses will stand in an open field between the Motel area at the east end of Tucumcari Blvd. and K-Mart and also between Tucumcari Blvd. and the interstate. Two smaller crosses 30 feet tall will bookend a third 40 foot tall cross.

Witcher said that the three crosses will represent Jesus Christ and the two thieves crucified on the Mount of Olives as depicted in the Bible’s New Testament. The 40-foot tall cross will symbolize “Christ’s salvation” while the other two will symbolize the humanity of today’s world; “since we are all sinners.”

The parallel is carried even further, according to Witcher, in that one of the thieves was “saved” by accepting Christ before his death while the other was not. The Tucumcari minister said this is indeed the case with people in today’s world. They are either saved and going to heaven or not.

He also said he hoped the crosses would act as a symbol of “returning to Christ” for the population of Tucumcari and Quay County.

Witcher said the project of building the crosses is still in the fund-raising stages with funds being needed for the property, materials and construction costs. Still, he hopes movement towards the completion of the structures will be relatively quick.

“I expect it will take around three years to complete everything,” said Witcher.