Democratic support rally to be held

By TV Hagenah

Members of the public will have a chance to find out specifically what all the Democratic presidential candidates have to say on Friday, Jan. 9 at the Tucumcari Convention Center.

According to Andi Baum of the Tucumcari Democratic Party, the get-together is being billed as a “Democrat Presidential Rally” and will take begin at 6 p.m.

Baum said that there should be representatives from most, if not all, the Democratic presidential candidates currently in the race.

“So far we have had RSVPs from representatives of Governor Howard Dean, General Wesley Clark, Senator John Edwards, Senator John Kerry and Senator Dennis Kucinich. all of them should have someone there to speak to us,” said Baum. “We’re still waiting on word from Fern Pena and Senator Richard Gephardt or Senator Joseph Liberman.”

Ron Wilmot, head of the county’s Democratic party said the “rally” should afford people of the area a chance to hear first hand just what the presidential candidates have to say from people who are familiar with their political, economic and social stances.

Baum also said that the get-together will allow local candidates running for state and local offices to speak and meet the voters of the area.

She said not every candidate who will be on the ballot has committed to being at the rally, but she hopes they will.
Baum said at this time candidates for the county commission Grace Madrid and Jeffrey Lewalling said they would be there as did county clerk candidate Ellen White, county treasurer candidate Nadine Angel and district attorney candidate Ron Reeves.

“Any other Democratic candidate is welcome to come out also and present his or her platform,” said Baum.

Both Wilmot and Baum said that they were interested in a good turnout from the rank-and-file democrats, also.

“I’m hoping to get every Democrat in the area to come out and listen to the different presentations,” said Baum.

Wilmot pointed out the rally will be an “excellent” informational source for people considering take part in the Feb. 3 caucuses which will choose which candidates will get New Mexico nod at the national convention.

Refreshments will also be served.