Semester kicks off on good note

By TV Hagenah

The second semester of school has begun for Tucumcari Schools and according to those in charge, everything seems to be rolling along well.

“So far, so good,” said Tucumcari High School Principal Gary Salazar. “Everything seems to going along very well, which is a little scary because there usually a few glitches here or there, but there don’t seem to be any.”

Elementary principal Teresa Salazar echoed the high school principal’s feelings about how well the semester was starting out.

“It’s going pretty well,” said the elementary school principal. “Everybody is pretty mellow, but that is to be expected. The first day back after a holiday, they usually are pretty calm.
Middle school principal Roberta Segura tended to agree with her two colleagues.

“We didn’t have a bad day,” said Segura. “Well, now that I think about it, it was a good day after all. Everything went just fine.”

Segura said she instituted some new policies that seem to help the flow of the system especially during lunch time.
“We made some changes during seventh and eighth grade lunch,” said Segura, “and possibly we’re going to keep it the rest of the semester.”

The elementary principal said the first day of school after Christmas tends to be a pretty special day for young students, because they enjoy sharing what they received for Christmas with their friends and seeing what their friends received from Santa.

“Oh yes,” said Teresa Salazar, “they have been comparing clothes, toys and gadgets. For that reason many of the teachers are setting aside time this morning for just that sort of thing.”

All the principals at Tucumcari schools said a special debt of gratitude for the smooth flowing of the start of the second semester should go to their building’s custodians who came back during the break and did some extra work.

“They were great,” said Gary Salazar Monday morning. “They came a few days ago and turned on the heaters and made sure everything was working just so. Let me tell you, the warm buildings were sure appreciated this morning when it was so cold.”

Teresa Salazar said there was another pleasant reminder of special work being done at Tucumcari Elementary School.

“The smell of the bread baking in the cafeteria was just wonderful,” said Salazar, “are all the smells of school just starting.”

All three principals said that each school had a few new students who enrolled on Monday and each had a few students out with colds.

“But on the whole,” said the high school principal, I’d say we’re off to a pretty good start.”