Girls lose to Des Moines

TV Hagenah

When a young team goes against the best in the state, they cannot expect to escape without any scars and one of the scars might be a loss, and that’s what happened to the Lady Rattlers Saturday night when they traveled to Des Moines and took on the undefeated Des Moines Lady Demons. The demons were demons beating the Lady Rattlers 67-28.

“We learned a lot,” said head coach Alicia Trujillo. “That’s what playing a team of this caliber can do. You learn. For one thing, we know what the best look like.”

It started slow for the Lady Rattlers as they faced a Lady Demon which had four of their five starters standing over six feet tall. But the Lady Rattlers learned they were not only tall but quick also as the Tucumcari squad scored only two points in the first quarter while their opponents put 17 on the scoreboard.

The second period proved to be more of the same as Tucumcari scored eight and the Demons hit for 20 most from the hot hands of Jamie Atwater who scored 14 of the 20. Leaving the score 37-8 at the halftime break.

The Lady Rattlers sank four baskets for eight points in the third period and their opponents hit for 17 again. In the final period it was a tighter contest as both teams hit for nine points.

Tucum 2 6 8 9=28
Des M 17 20 17 9=67
Individual Scoring

Tucumcari: Amber Martin 6, Nikki Newman 5, Whitney Spinks 2, Shay Rigdon 2, Amanda Tapia 4, Jamie Jones 7, Sam Montonano 2.
Des Moines: Jamie Atwater 22, Kellie Goodan 1, Jodi Kibbe 11, Chris Russel 5, Annie Kennedy 11, Emily Kennedy 13, Hanna Bray 4.