Altrusa receives grant

TV Hagenah

The Altrusa International Club of Tucumcari, a women’s service and philanthropy organization, received a $1,000 check from the Comcast Foundation on Jan. 7. The check was presented to the organization by Lem Chesher of the National Resources Conservation Service and the Canadian River Soil and Water Conservation District for volunteer work club members did three months earlier.

“It was wonderful,” said Altrusa Second Vice President Glenda Reid about receiving the grant. “We had never received a grant before and the whole club was thrilled.”

The grant from the foundation was in recognition of the 65 local residents, most Altrusa members affiliated with Comcast who, with their families, volunteered on Comcast Cares Day, Oct. 4, to help improve the area’s “outdoor classroom” located just north of Tucumcari Elementary School and utilized by the school system.

At the Outdoor Classroom, the volunteers planted a tree and sewed wheat seed around the area where a kiva is planned.

“It was great fun,” said Reid. “We had donuts and we got bottles of water and COMCAST T-shirts. There were teachers and librarians and teachers’ assistants out there. We all worked.”

The kivas, which will be the focal point of the outdoor classroom, will be located in a semi-circle and will be used as a place for children from the elementary school to sit as they learn about a variety of subjects including native Americans, native plants and animals.

According to Reid, Altrusa has planted $2,500 worth of evergreen trees; given $2,500 to pay for half of one Kiva; and donated $500 to purchase native plants to be planted at the outdoor classroom.

“We are very honored to be involved with endeavor,” said Reid. “It’s a wonderful cause.”

Reid said the grant will be used to benefit some of the community projects Altrusa will support during the upcoming year.