Economic Development meeting draws big crowd

TV Hagenah

The Economic development “visioning session” Tuesday evening did what most in the audience want Tucumcari to achieve. It grew so big, it outgrew its confines.

The original site for the meeting was scheduled for the Territorial Building of the Tucumcari Convention Center at the east end of Tucumcari. However, 10 minutes after the beginning of the meting, it was clear to all involved that Territorial Building was simply too small for the crowd that was to be there.

For that reason the entire group had to move next door to the exhibit room of the actual convention center in order to contain the group that was in attendance.

“This is amazing,” said Economic Development Director Ben Kendrick who hosted the session. “I had been told to expect about 30 people and look at this. I was not expecting this.”

In fact, over 100 people more than that target number of 30 sat at tables listening to Kendrick speak and lead the brainstorming of the evening.

In the four hours of the session at the convention session, Kendrick took the crowd, which consisted of a cross section of Tucumcari residents including law enforcement officers, ranchers, artists bankers, retired individuals, attorney and many others, through a vision for Tucumcari, goals for the city and finally a clear community strategy which would see it rise above its present situation.

“I’m your point man,” said Kendrick. “This is to help be do what you want to achieve. Believe me, I can do it, but I’ve got to know what you want to achieve.”