36 annual AG/Home Ec seminar held

TV Hagenah

The 36th annual Agricultural and Home Economics Seminar took place Thursday at the Tucumcari Convention Center on the west end of Tucumcari and according to the people in charge the event proved to be a “tremendous success.”

“I felt it went extremely well,” said Pete Walden, New Mexico State Extension Agent for Quay County.

Walden pointed to the different sessions that were held throughout the day which drew individuals from throughout the county on a variety of subjects.

In the morning session, Beef Cattle Specialist Clay Mathis discussed “Drought and Decisions to Make Before Restocking Your Beef Cow Herd” while at the same time agronomist Leonard Lauriault from the NMSU Agriculture Research Center discussed “An IPM approach to Field Bindweed Control.”

On the home economics side, Family Resource Specialist Connie Kratzer of the New Mexico Cooperative Extension Service gave “Basic Investment Ideas.”

In the Afternoon Mathis discussed the effect of drought on cattle while Weed Specialist discussed “Noxious and Invasive Weeds,” Food and Nutrition Specialist Martha Archuleta led a seminar on “Foods that Heal.”

Quay County Home extension agent Brenda Bishop said the selection in some cases were so good that people were forced to choose between two or more selections they wanted to attend but could not because of the conflict.
Other sessions included ones on field bindweed, noxious and invasive weeds and mold in the home.

“Overall, I think it went very well,” said Bishop. “Everyone seemed to enjoy the sessions and we had a good turnout.”
Bishop said the head count done at registration indicated there was just over 130 people at the seminar which was down slightly from 2003, but that it still was “quite impressive.”

The event was sponsored by the Quay County Extension Service and the Tucumcari/Quay County Chamber of Commerce.