Pipline information seen as ‘critical’

Mike Linn

The Republican Party of Quay County met Tuesday evening in Tucumcari to select delegates to the state Republican Pre-Primary Nominating Convention in Alburquerque on Mar. 6.

Three delegates, “Scooter” Mitchell, Tucumcari, Sam Morrow, Logan and Travis Nelson, Nara Visa, were selected to attend the nominating convention.

The purpose of the Nominating Convention in Albuquerque is to select which candidates the Republican Party hopes to have appear on the June ballot.

Mitchell said Quay County was allowed only three delegates because of poor Republican voter turnout in Quay County during the previous election for governor.

Mitchell said the upcoming convention is important because it could make things much easier for potential Republican office seekers.

“If a candidate gets at least 20% of the delegates’ votes at the convention, that candidate will need to get only half the usual number of signatures required to appear on the June ballot.”, said Mitchell.

Mitchell said that Quay County is in need of Republican candidates for county offices.

“Right now we need candidates for two County Commissioner seats, County Clerk and County Treasurer.”
The filing deadline for the open seats is early in March.
“The actual deadline is March 6. The Republican Party of Quay County is prepared to help a qualified candidate with the nominal filing fee.”, said Mitchell.

Mitchell hopes that through his contacts with the Bush campaign, a high ranking Bush administration official will be visiting Tucumcari in the near future.