Dems anticipate caucus

TV Hagenah

According to representatives of the Democratic Party in Quay County, they are looking forward to Tuesday, Feb. 3 which will be the first ever Democratic caucus in New Mexico.

“It’s very important for Democrats,” said the county chair of the Democratic Party in Quay County Ron Wilmot. “It’s important for them to vote in this caucus. After all, it is the first time Democrats will have a caucus in this state.”

The polling location for Quay County Democrats will be at the Quay County Fair barn on Camino Del Coronado. Quay County Clerk Jeannette Maddaford urged every Democrat in the county to take part in the upcoming caucus which runs from noon to 7 p.m.

“It’s important that everyone gets their say on who the Presidential candidate will be on the Democratic side,” said Maddaford

She also pointed out that it was especially important since the caucus stand in the stead of the primary election for the Democratic President candidate this year.

“The Democratic voters need to realize it will not be on the June primary ballot,” said Maddaford. “If they want to have their choice known, this is the time.”

Wilmot said even though this was the first-ever caucus for New Mexico, he anticipates a good turn out for the event.

“I was really encouraged by the rally we had here,” said Wilmot referring to the June 10 rally that permitted county Democrats to meet representatives of most of the Democratic Presidential candidates. “It was the largest turn out of Democrats in this county I can remember.”

Wilmot said that at the rally, Quay County Democrats showed how interested they were and asked the representatives of the different Presidential candidates “some very good questions.”

Wilmot said rather than being “burned out” or turned off by all the coverage that has been in the media in the past few weeks, he feels most New Mexican Democrats are getting excited by the interplay among the candidates on the national stage.

“In one month more than 900 new Democrats registered. I think that shows a definite interest,” said Wilmot.