Chamber of Commerce looks for bands

TV Hagenah

IQuay County Sun
Despite it being better than two full months away, Chamber of Commerce Banquet scheduled for April 8, is still on a number of people’s minds.

“It’s a big event every year,” said Tucumcari/Quay County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Virginia Wright. “And we want to do it up right.”

Wright said that many of the plans have already been finalized for the event although there are a couple of notable exceptions to the finalized column.
“For one thing,” said Kim Gray, assistant to the executive director who is in charge of finding entertainment for the banquet “we still need a band.”

Gray said the committee in charge of the selection of the music is still considering different groups, and she said she is open to a variety of styles of music.

“Well, probably not hip hop,” said Gray. “I mean after all, it is the Chamber of Commerce Banquet.”

Gray said she hopes to be able to find a band that could communicate a variety of styles for listeners and dancers possibly including pop, country and western and possibly swing.

“Right now we are interested in hearing from bands that want to be involved with something this big,” said gray. “We’ll expect them to play during dinner and to provide dance music after that. We’re looking for a great time. It’s a major event”

She said the band will be expected to play between 1 and 2 1/2 hours. “probably about two sets,” said gray.
Wright agreed that the banquet was indeed “big”.

“It’s one of the biggest fund raisers that the Chamber does,” said Wright. “There is always a very large turnout. People of Tucumcari always look forward to the banquet.”

Wright said one of the draws is that it is a special evening of getting together put on by the Chamber of Commerce, but individuals do not have to be members of the Chamber to attend.

“It’s a wonderful evening,” said Wright. “It’s got entertainment, good food and a silent auction.”
Besides a specific band for the banquet and dance gala, Wright said the Chamber is still looking for an underlying concept for the banquet.

“Yes, the theme is still open,” said Wright. “if someone has an idea they should give the Chamber office a call.