Construction finished at Logan Schools

TV Hagenah

The final link in the chain of improvements that began for Logan Schools early in the fall is about to become realized.
According to Logan Superintendent of Schools Carolyn Franklin during the first week in February, the new athletic locker rooms will be finished and that will be the last of a number of different constructions that basically began with the academic year.

During that time the school has seen an enlarging and opening up of the entry way in the school lobby a new hallway constructed connecting the front and back of the school, an enlarged cafeteria and a new kitchen area for the cafeteria, an improved elementary school wing, a new weight room and finally the new athletic locker rooms.

“So many of these improvements were needed so badly,” said Franklin. “We really needed the hall (from the front to the back of the school),” said Franklin. “Until we got this, we had to walk through the gym every time we needed to get to the cafeteria.”

Franklin said going through the gymnasium caused a distraction to both the students in physical education class and to those staff members, students or visitors going through.

“This is so much of an improvement,” said Franklin.
Franklin said that the word “improvements” was indeed the right word to describe the changes made to the Logan Schools complex.

She pointed to the changes to the lobby area allowing easier access to the office staff by both visitors and students, in addition to the staff having a better view of what was going on in the hallway area.

She said that the improvements in the cafeteria were also a major improvement, one which allowed more students into the larger, more comfortable area and more room for food service personnel.

According to Burton Sandefur project manager for DSA Construction who handled much of the construction at the school and is finishing off the locker and weight rooms. He and his crews are excited about finishing up on the school also.

“I think we’ve done a good job,” said Sandefur, “and we’re excited about people using what we’ve built.”