Economic Development Head focuses on goals

TV Hagenah

Executive Director of the Grater Tucumcari Economic Development Corporation Ben Kendrick has been in office one month and has been operating under his new vision statement and short term goals for just under two weeks and he feels he is moving in the right direction.

At the economic development “Visioning Session” he asked the assembled individuals present to establish a vision statement that would outline what they wanted the community to become so he could know in what direction the area wanted him to go.

The statement read:
“Tucumcari and Quay County will be a community of pride, vision and beauty where each individual is valued. Further, provides for overall growth, quality, education, health, care and a comprehensive government. Economically, we will retain/expand our current business and industry. Tucumcari will be the place to live from birth to retirement; a place where our children will have a future and choose to live; a place where the overall health, education, spiritual and environmental welfare are top priorities for our families.”
Kendrick said the vision state was a good one and established for him what the community was hoping to achieve.

“But one thing about it,” Kendrick said, “After seeing the number of people who turned out (at the visioning session), I would say the “pride” part is already here. This is a community that cares for its town.”

Kendrick said his mission has been made “more clear,” and he will be able to “politicize the economic development” of the area more easily because he feels he has received a mandate to communicate with different political figures who he feels can help Quay County and Tucumcari.

With that in mind, the economic development head said he has regularly been meeting with legislators and state government department heads in Santa Fe to share the needs of the area.

“My short term goal is to tell the people up there what is happening out here,” said Kendrick.

Kendrick also said he was moving toward the five “short term goals” established by the people at the visioning session on Jan. 20.

The short term goals set by the session were to:
•Identify/project three industrial manufacturers (recruit new business).
•get a railroad spur or line.
•get another grocery/retail store into Tucumcari.
•market/package the community in an attractive manner.
•attract more conventions and tourism to the area.
Kendrick said he has been working on each of the outlined goals on a number of different fronts already and has seen some possibilities “manifest themselves.”

He said that some businesses and manufacturing concerns have already shown an interest and there is a “very good possibility” that they might be visiting the area in the near future.

Kendrick said he could not give too much information on the subject because such things could cause the negotiations to backfire.

The economic development head said that once again the political contacts which were being forged in Santa Fe looked like they might well be able to assist on the five short term goals also from bringing pressure to bare with railroads or letting film enterprises know of the possibilities of the area.