Gadgets – not always labor saving devices

Lynn Moncus

Through the years, we have visited about the many gadgets we have to make life more confusing even though are supposed to make it easier. Some of us are reasonably sure they have lives of their own and decide to attack just about the time we are in a relaxed mode.
They rarely attack one by one because that would be less frustrating to the owners. When one decides it would no longer work, several join in the fun so all will have to be repaired or replaced.

When the coffee maker decided to quit, that was the last straw as it had been preceded by the electric can opener and one small radio. All had to be replaced, and each new item has one or two new tricks to be learned. The can opener may still be replaced by one of those little hand-held gadgets because it is sure it is smarter than the operator.
Shortly after those items were brought home, the answering machine for the phone decided to quit..

As we all know, I have trouble reading and following directions and more trouble getting any gadget to work properly. The new one id still on strike and may be replaced by a tin can and string! First, i looked at the set of directions and stupidly decided to follow the ones that said they were the simplest. After working with them for over an hour, I decided to read the more complete ones and began to understand a little about each step.

Unfortunately, the phone jack is behind my bed and cannot be reached without my going into all sorts of contortions. At one point, I was floundering around like a beached whale because I had to lie on my stomach in order to attach some kind of gizmo to the jack. At my age, one needs to think a long time before acting. In other words, I need to consider how I’m going to get up after getting down on the floor.

Aggie even left the area as I was saying more choice words than she cared to hear and was threatening the various wires and gadgets with numerous acts of violence.
After much struggle and limited success, I finally had all wires in place and looked at the blank machine that just stared back at me. I then left the area, and upon my return, it was working for some unknown reason. I even checked it with the cellular phone and was rather pleased that it answered.

Now, it is on strike again and is refusing to do any work. When enough energy can be found, I’ll begin that chore all over and can hope it will work. In the mean time, if I’m not home, the phone will just have to ring, and even if I am home, I may be playing in the floor and won’t have time to answer.

I didn’t realize how very fortunate I was when we lived in the canyons and didn’t have to be concerned about any of the above gadgets. A cow might break the country phone line or an axe handle might have to be replaced, but we weren’t attacked at all times by items we couldn’t understand.

We used a knife to open cans, replaced the battery in the radio when we could afford one, and boiled coffee on the stove. we yelled across the canyon when the phone no longer worked and just went about life in the slow lane. Yes, we really had time to enjoy those canyons without fretting over tons of gadgets.