House foodbank feeds hungry

William Thompson

Needy residents of House have a place to go when their food supplies run low. The House food bank, officially known as the House Community Pantry, is located at the House United Methodist Church. It has been in operation since September 2003.

The director of the food bank, Susan Harding, and her assistant Cathy Ray distributed food to over 75 people in January. All were residents of the House area except for one transient who was passing through.

Harding is grateful to the House Baptist Church and the House United Methodist Church for its help.

“The Methodist Church has given us a room from which we distribute all kinds of food,” said Harding. “We also have a refrigerator and freezer there for perishable items.”

According to Harding, a person requesting food must give their social security number and date of birth to receive the food. That person must also fill out the minimal necessary paper work.

“As soon as the person fills out the paper work, we give the person food that very day,” said Harding.

The pantry contains food donated from area residents and state commodities such as canned goods and flour, and it is equipped with emergency food boxes also. The emergency boxes contain canned meats, canned vegetables, cereal and powdered milk. The boxes hold a “generous” amount of food said Harding.

“The emergency food boxes are designed to feed a family of four over a period of four days,” she said.

Harding said the food bank accepts all types of food donations as well as cash donations which are used to buy food, over the counter medicines and hygiene products.

The pantry distributes food every Friday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. said Harding. Food donations can be taken to Cathy Ray at the House Post Office. Cash donations can be mailed to: Susan Harding, House Community Pantry 100 Elm Lane House, in House.

For more information 279-6054.