Logan crushes Mosquero

TV Hagenah

LOGAN – After the Mosquero boys tied the score at 2 apiece, they had little sight of the Longhorns scorewise again for the rest of the game losing to the Logan team 76-28.

The Logan boys truly dominated their Harding County opponents in each of the four quarters of Thursday night’s game.

The Mosquero squad might have felt it was a good thing that the Logan High School scroreboard was not functioning because of that, no one could see the one-sided count being recorded by the Longhorns.

Unfortunately, every few minutes, because of the scoreboard being out of commission, game announcer Tommy Thompson had to say the score of the game over the gymnasium’s public address system.

Logan Longhorn head coach Jerry Franklin said the important thing for his squad as they looked back on the contest was that they ended up with the “W” in their column, so even if it were not a pretty win, he would take it.

“I felt we got a number of things out of the game,” said Franklin. “I felt we were looking up the floor better and we were trying to anticipate the ball better. They were getting to where they needed to be better. Also, they made some good decisions with the ball.”

Franklin said the game also provided him a chance to play some younger players that needed to get court time. This was especially true since he had two players out sick and one that was injured and could not play the game.

“I felt we were as good as we needed to be,” said Franklin, “and I felt our younger players stepped up very well.”

Logan 17 31 55 76
Mosqu 5 13 18 28