House retains class “A” status

William Thompson

Superintendent of House Schools, Arthur Brokenbek, PhD., said he is happy that House High School’s athletic teams will be staying in Class A.

“We don’t have a big enough student body to compete in class AA, “ said Brokenbek. “Our teams will be more competitive in class A.”

According to Brokenbek, he received help convincing the New Mexico Athletic Association to move his school back to class “A” from two state officials.

“Pat Lyons, the state land commissioner and state representative Brian Moore helped us out with the NMAA,” said Brokenbek. “They wrote letters of support for us to the NMAA.”

House Athletic Director Steve Foust said the school’s athletes are pleased with their class A status.

“I know the kids are happy, “ said Foust. “They want to compete, and they realize that in class A, the competition will be more fair.”

Foust said if the House basketball teams played next year in class AA, the teams would be in over their heads.

“If our basketball teams were in class AA, we would be playing Tucumcari, Texico, Santa Rosa and Clayton. We can’t match up well at all with those teams.”

Foust said the possible revenue from playing the bigger schools was not a factor in the process.

“The increased revenue from playing those teams would be too little to matter.”