Tucumcari native accepts position

TV Hagenah

Quay County officially has a new county manager. Tucumcari High School graduate Terry Turner has accepted the offer put forward by the Quay County Commissioners and attended his first county commissioners meeting Monday.

“I wanted to get my feet wet a little first and observe how everything was done,” said Turner.

Turner will take office on April 1.

“My resignation became effective March 31,” said Turner.

Turner has been working for the Johnson and Johnson subsidiary Ithicom Endo Surgery in Albuquerque.

“If you would have asked me a year ago if I would be moving to Tucumcari in the near future, I would have said, ‘It’s highly unlikely.'”

Apparently, the unlikely has happened. Turner said a number of things came to pass that he did not anticipate including his employer making early retirement seem very attractive for their employees and the Quay County Manager position coming open.Turner said he anticipates that for te first few months on the job in Quay County he will be commuting back and forth to Albuquerque a reat deal. His youngest daughter is a senior in high school there and he wants to give her a chance to graduate there since she has been attending that school for some time.

“She has been an honor student and a student athlete,” said Turner. She wants to attend Texas Tech so this (the move to Tucumcari) will be a little closer.”

Turner said the first order of business for him will be to “reacquaint” himself with Quay County and Tucumcari.
“I need to absorb and acquaint myself with the business of the county,” said Turner. “But my first reaction is there is more going on in the county than meets the eye.”

One of the things that definitely met his eye, however, is the county’s shrinking population base.

“That’s one thing that definitely concerns me,” said Turner, “the decline of the population. I would hate to see the county or city lose more population.”

Turner said he eagerly anticipates stepping into his new job and interacting with the people of the area.

“I am looking forward to getting reacquainted with the community so I can make my contribution,” said Turner. “My management style is one of an open door. I welcome all participants who want to move this county in the right direction. I prefer being proactive to being reactive.”