Tourism board makes solid strides in quest

TV Hagenah

With economic development shifting into high gear in the Tucumcari area, Brenda Bishop of the Quay County Tourism Board said economic development in the form of tourism is gearing up also. Bishop said the tourism board which was formed last year is starting to focus on just what they feel needs to be done to make advances in that area.
Bishop said they have specifically targeted a number of specific things that they feel that has to be addressed by the board.

She said basically, they see their responsibility as, first, increasing the length of stay of the tourists that come to Quay County.

“In other words,” said Bishop, “if they are planning to stay a couple of hours we want them to stay a night. If they are planning on staying a night see if we can get them to stay longer.”

Second on their list of targets, said Bishop is that if the trip they are on is an out and back journey, the board wants to get them to stop on the way back. And finally is to get the tourist to play another trip to Quay County in the future.
Bishop said the board is excited about a number of different directions that they might take.

“Our current members are researching a couple of different programs,” said Bishop.

She added that among other things they are planning to write a grant that will possibly bring tourist to Quay County.

“We have a number of ideas we don’t even have names for yet,” said Bishop.

She said the group is looking at such things as a history day, or a cook off of some sort that might bring tourists.
Bishop to find out what works her group is planning surveys of people that come to current event to find out what other events might draw them back to the Quay County area.

“We want to see how we can market it better,” said Bishop.
One of the things that the board has been involved with is the destination brochure that the Chamber of Commerce produced which they will see placed in visitor centers all around the state of New Mexico and possibly neighboring states also.

The board’s latest project is to produce a tourist activity guide that will be given to all the motels and inns in the area that will tell visitors staying in the different establishments just what is happening in the area that might be of interest to them on a monthly basis.

Bishop said she would love to see more people interested in promoting tourism in the area join the board and take part in the planning.

“We always want more and better ideas,” said Bishop. “That’s how you get things done. That’s how you accomplish things. I think we’ll have big things come out of this, but we need more people so we can maintain our enthusiasm.”

Bishop can be reached at the Quay County extension office.