Tucumcari to get over $1 million

David Arkin

Thanks to lawmakers’ support, Tucumcar officials are hopeful they will be able to address a variety of water-related needs in the city.
Through the capital outlay bill, which is sitting on Gov. Bill Richardson’s desk, the city would get $570,000 for water improvements.
The city and Quay County together are expected to receive $1.1 million in capital outlay money.
Some of the water-related projects the city should receive money for include:

• Wastewater project, $350,000
• Water and sewer improvements, $150,000
• Wastewater treatment facility, $70,000
Tucumcari City Manager Richard Primrose said he was pleased .

“We really appreciate our legislators for working on this,” he said. “Whenever we get the money we will start using it.”

Primrose said the city has done an assessment on its sewer treatment plant and has discovered it’s going to cost $2.5 million to fix it.

“We got some money last year and now we will be able to do a little more work on it,” he said. “We will try to do this in phases. We eventually will get $2.5 million in work done on it.”

Funding for water and sewer improvements is also important to the city, Primrose said.

“Some of the water lines and sewer lines are extremely old,” he said. “With this money we will look to see what lines are our greatest need and see what portion of the city needs improvements.”

Some of the water lines have needed upgrades for many years, Primrose said.

“We know that they (water lines) are old,” he said. “Basically we need to get rid of older, obsolete infrastructure.”

Quay County and the city also should receive money for:

• Arch Hurley Conservancy District/Tucumcari irrigation project, $100,000
• Arch Hurley Conservancy District vehicles, $30,000
• Quay County buildings plan, design and improvements, $25,000
• Quay County information technology, $85,000
• Quay County senior volunteer program vehicle, $34,000
• Quay County Nara Visa School building improvement, $30,000
• Logan emergency medical services building, $85,000
• San Jon ambulance, $25,000
• San Jon City administrative office construction, $75,000
• San Jon emergency vehicle and ambulance purchase, $25,000
• NMSU-Tucumcari agriculture science center equ! ipment, barns and expansion,