Tucumcari election Tuesday

TV Hagenah

There are two contested elections in Tucumcari’s city election Tuesday, March 2. In District 1, incumbent Antonio J. Apodaca will be facing Ralph Moya. In District 2 Incumbent Jimmy Sandoval will be facing Christopher Maestas.

District 3 has no contested races. Incumbent Mayor Calvin Litchfield was running unopposed but died last week. So his name will remain on the ballot and according to Tucumcari City Clerk Rachel Hicklin voters in that district are free to vote if they choose.

Hicklin said that probably a solution for the unoccupied position formerly held by Litchfield will be found during the first meeting after the election. The city clerk said she contacted the New Mexico Municipal League regarding the vacancy on the city commission and they advised that the Tucumcari City Commission would have three options to turn to regarding the vacancy.

1. The current commission could appoint someone to fill the current unexpired term which would expire when the March 2 election was held.
2. After the election is held, the newly elected commission could then choose by majority vote to appoint someone to fill the vacancy until the next regular election is held, which would be March 2006.
3. The newly elected commissioners in conjunction with the sitting commissioners can also decide whether they would prefer to call a special election to fill the district 3 vacancy. If a special election is held, then the newly elected commissioner would fill the unexpired four year term of Litchfield.

At Thursday’s Tucumcari City Commission meeting commissioners said they would prefer to wait until after the upcoming election so any new commissioners could take part in the choice thus ruling out option 1. Hicklin said she was not certain just how the turn out will be on Tuesday for the commission election.

“I really don’t have any idea,” said Hicklin.

However she said she anticipates that there probably will be no problem getting in to vote at the time a voter chooses to go into his or her polling place.

“Usually there is little waiting time to get in and out,” said Hicklin.
In District 1, the polling place is the Del Norte Center at 415 N. Fourth St.
In District 2, the polling place is the Tucumcari Recreation Center at 901 E. Laughlin
In District 3. the polling place is at the Tucumcari High School Auditorium at 1100 S. Seventh St.