Book helps writer find purpose

Debra Whittington

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10
Last week, the Lord was silent as I sought to write a column. I prayed and prayed and nothing would come. I tried sitting down and writing on my own but only succeeded in making a mess. Other events, many beyond my control, interferred with writing. In my despair, I wondered if I would ever write another column or if anyone cared if I did.
The latter part of the week, I had a couple of people tell me that they enjoyed reading my column I told one lady that I felt as if I was rambling on and on about myself. A while back, I had someone else ask how I could share my personal life in my column. I told her that if one experience of my life could help someone, it was all well worth it. Back to last week, I began to doubt if what I was writing was helping anyone. Am I glorifying God through my writing? After all, if it werenít for the Lord, I would give up and throw in the towel. Still, I wondered and allowed my doubts to take hold. The more that the Lord was silent, the more I wondered what was wrong with me. As the week wore on, the focus was more and more on me and less on God. All of that came to an abrupt halt on Saturday night when we attended a simulcast at church to kick off theì40 Days of Purposeî. Based on the best selling book by Rick Warren, “The Purpose Driven Life”, the 40 days answers the question, “what on Earth am I here for”.

Although we were there for two hours, it only seemed a matter of minutes. My mood when we arrived was very disagreeable, but by the time we left, I was inspired.
Why are we here on this earth? Some scientists claim that our entire universe is one big accident that resulted when molecules collided with one another. Many intellectuals were asked what the purpose of life is. Some struggled with an answer while others asked if someone found out, they would like to know the answer. Is the purpose of life self satisfaction? So many are trying to gain purpose through what they have instead of who they are. Rick Warren states in the first line of the first chapter: ìItís not about you. ”If it is not about you, then who is it about?” It’s all about God.
While I am only two days into reading the book, it has already had an impact on my life. Like so many other things, there is a great deal of excitement when you start something new. The challenge lies in making it a permanent part of the rest of my life.

Throughout our community, there are many people who have already gone through this book both individually and in group study. In the next weeks and months, there are opportunities to go through this book in many of the area churches and in small groups meeting in homes. First Baptist Church is just beginning “The Purpose Driven Life”, and invites people of all denominations to join them. For more information call 461-2724.

As a footnote, many people asked me if we are still camping out in a motor home. The answer to that is yes, although I can look out the window at my new home across the driveway. I have no idea how soon we can move in, it all depends on when the utilities are hooked up. As I write this, it is snowing heavily outside which will delay the process. However, I am not upset about my own inconvenience as our land is so terribly dry and in need of this precious moisture. I pray we will receive even more moisture, all that the Lord sends, I will give thanks to Him. Hmmm. Do you think I am finally getting the message that it isn’t about me? Maybe the Lord can get through to me that He has a glorious plan for my life and that all that has happened is preparing me for great and wonderful blessings to come.