Cowboy dies near Grady

Juan Lucero, 20, a Logan resident, died Thursday from injuries suffered during a horseback riding accident on a ranch 12 miles west of Grady. According to Joe Schallert, Chief Deputy Sheriff of Quay County, Lucero and another cowboy were gathering cattle on the ranch when the accident occurred.

“Mr. Lucero and another cowboy were gathering cattle when Lucero apparently got tangled up in his own rope,” said Schallert. “We won’t know the exact cause of death for a few days.”

New Mexico State Police are now handling the official investigation. Sergeant Cleo Baker of the state police said that Lucero may have accidentally been strangled by his own rope.

“It appears that he was accidentally strangled,” said Baker. “We won’t know for sure until the medical investigators release their report. Baker said the other cowboy with Lucero at the time of the accident had to ride horseback to the ranch house to notify emergency personnel.

“Greg Gudgell, the man who was with Lucero, rode by horseback approximately one mile to the ranch house,” said Baker.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Schallert said the ranch runs alongside state highway 278.

“The ranch is on highway 278, what the local residents refer to as Norton Road,” said Schallert. “It’s up on the Caprock about 25 miles southeast of Tucumcari.”