Tucumcari plan appears “hit”

William Thompson

Doug Powers, Community Development Director, said the recently adopted Comprehensive Plan for Tucumcari is a hit with city government employees.
“Everybody here is behind this plan one hundred per cent,” said Powers. “It offers a very positive outlook for Tucumcari, plus it is easy to read. City employees should enjoy perusing this plan.”
The Comprehensive Plan was put together by a five member team from Consensus Planning, an Albuquerque firm. John Valdez, one of the writers of the plan, said the plan has the potential to guide Tucumcari development for many years to come.
“I believe this plan will guide future Tucumcari development over the next twenty years, “ said Valdez. “Government employees, business people, all interested citizens will find this plan invaluable.”
The written plan is contained in a 162 page booklet that contains plenty of photos, maps, charts, graphs and informational boxes.
At the end of each chapter, important goals are listed. Valdez said the goals were derived from feedback gathered at public meetings and from interviews conducted with various business and community leaders.
“We put a lot of economic data in this plan,” said Valdez. Companies thinking of relocating to Tucumcari will have a lot of good information at their disposal.”
The Comprehensive Plan does not overlook negative aspects of Tucumcari’s economy. One of the weaknesses the plan mentions is that there is a “perception of lack of goods and services in Tucumcari.” Valdez said that such a perception can be one of the factors leading to population decline.
“The way to stop population decline is to attract more jobs,” said Valdez. We suggest in the plan that the city of Tucumcari create better incentive packages to lure companies. Service jobs are great and will always be a big part of Tucumcari’s economy, but the city will eventually need a greater diversity of jobs to stem population decline.”
Development Director Powers said government employees will be taking all the plan’s suggestions into consideration, and possibly implementing new policies in the future.
“There is no reason our city can’t grow. We have an excellent location,” said Powers. “We are right by I-40, and U.S. highway 54 will be widened to four lanes in the future.”
Powers said the Comprehensive Plan is one that should withstand the test of time.
“This is a plan we can update from time to time, making minor changes when necessary,” said Powers. “We will also be putting the entire contents of the plan online in the near future, so people can download whatever they want from it.”
The Comprehensive Plan can now be viewed and copied at the Community Development Agency located at 512 South Eighth Street.