Mesalands, Luna Community Colleges ink pact

Mesalands Community College of Tucumcari and Luna Community College, of Las Vegas have, according to representatives of MCC, entered into agreement to provide students from the LCC service area a Commercial Drivers License Program as well as to expand the LCC Nursing Program to include students from Mesalands.

The joint agreement is a “win win” situation for the institutions, students served, and communities said Mesalands president Phillip O. Barry, Phd. According to Barry, for the past several years, the Commercial Truck Driving Program was only available through MCC in Tucumcari. He added, the opportunities created through this partnership are “immeasurable.” Throughout the 10-week program, students will receive assistance with financial aid, dual registration at MCC and LCC, in addition to course-work and commercial vehicle driving.

MCC spokesman John Yearout said the joint agreement states that MCC will hire and pay instructors, provide curriculum and course syllabus and administer appropriate examinations in preparation for certification/licensing. In return, LCC will establish a joint curriculum with MCC that leads toward a certificate in Practical Nursing.

Through the partnership, the two Community Colleges will guarantee admission to a minimum of one qualified student per year from MCC. Yearout stated openings in the nursing program are limited and very competitive.

According to LCC President Leroy Sanchez, “This program has been six months in the making and is now coming to fruition. Luna is committed to enhancing existing programs and creating new programs to meet the needs of the communities we serve. I am very proud of all those involved in making this happen, without their hard work and commitment to this project we wouldn’t be where we are at today.”

In addition, Barry said, “This is just the beginning. We can accomplish anything when we work together.”