Gun locks available

William Thompson

Local owners of firearms can pick up free gun locks at the Tucumcari Police Station, the Logan Police Station and the Quay County Sheriffs Office. The free gun locks are now available due to the efforts of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Susie Moore, secretary for the Quay County Sheriffs Office, said the office received 900 gun locks yesterday.
“The locks are here, ready to be handed out to anybody who wants one,” said Moore. “We are giving away up to three locks per person.”

Moore said no documentation is needed to receive a lock.
“All a person needs to do is ask for a lock, and we will give one or more to him or her,” said Moore. “Above all, people should not bring their guns to the office.”

Representatives of the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s “Project Childsafe”, a project funded by The U.S. Department of Justice, have delivered over 2,000 gun locks to the area law enforcement agencies as part of a nationwide effort.

Brad Hill, of Project Childsafe, delivered gun locks in Tucumcari and Logan Thursday afternoon. He said the cable style locks have a unique safety feature.

“The Department of Justice liked these locks because in order for them to work, the firearm has to be unloaded,” said Hill. “That makes it doubly unlikely that a child can injure himself or others with the gun.”

Logan police officer Bob Gore said the free locks are available now at the Logan Police Station also, and he welcomed Project Childsafe’s efforts.

“Every gun kept at home should have a safety lock,” said Gore. “It’s crucial to protecting children.”

Hill said American gun owners as a whole are beginning to feel comfortable with the idea of locking the firing mechanisms of their guns.

“Most people are starting to understand the importance of preventative measures,” said Hill. “From what I’ve heard, people are definitely taking advantage of the free locks.”

Lieutenant Charles Newman, of Tucumcari Police, said he had already given a lock away as of Thursday afternoon.
“All a person has to do is come by the new police station and ask for a lock and we will gladly give it to that person.”

More information about the safety lock program can be obtained by visiting