Reception to be visiting time

Lynn Moncus

By now, most of you have heard that members of Tucumcari Historical research Institute Board of Directors are planning a reception in recognition of the publication of “Quay County, New Mexico 1903-2003: A Pictorial History” on Saturday afternoon, March 20 from 2:00 to 4:00 at the Tucumcari Historical Museum.

Although my name appears on the invitation, all people who so generously helped with the book or who have lived so much of our history should be included because this is truly our book. Without the pictures, maps, and many stories provided by friends and relatives, I certainly could not have published our book, and we would have no reason for this celebration.

Saturday afternoon would be a wonderful time for us to get together for some real visiting and story-telling, much as we used to do when some member of the community spread the word that a gathering was to be held at a home, school, or church, just so people could take a little time off from work to enjoy being with friends and neighbors.

That kind of tradition was set by the pioneers who started our history and has remained with us throughout the century. We don’t get together as often as we used to, but we need to take advantage of the times we can swap stories and just enjoy each other’s company.

For personal reasons, I signed all books ahead of time. By so doing, we can just mingle as we visit and look at the pictures. We can also wander around the museum and recall much of our past as we look at the exhibits.

Most of us who have called Quay County our home can see items we used in the earlier days and can come up with many stories to tell about them–some pleasant and some unpleasant. By sharing such stories,we are sharing our history and adding to it as we learn from each other.

We can remember those earlier gatherings in our communities and can talk about them as we visit. The pie suppers, the ice-cream suppers, the picnics, the Literary Society productions were major events in our lives and gave us something to remember and something to look forward to when the next invitation came out.

We can recall the many characters who added so much color to our communities and can tell stories about them as we smile at our memories. We can bring the past to life for a few minutes and feel better for being able to share it with our neighbors.

Each of us has many stories to tell as we meet and greet each other. Many of us do that on a daily basis in order to relax for a little while as we recount instances of our history.

The board members are being most gracious in providing an opportunity for such a gathering at the museum, a special place for each of us because it holds so much of our history. They are giving us a reason to spend time together and to celebrate the first century of our Quay County.

Y’all come so we can exchange stories and congratulate each other for the work we have done to preserve some of our past.