Candidates file for county positions

TV Hagenah

Of the four positions that are up for election this year, County Commissioner, District 1, County Commissioner District 2, County Clerk and County Treasurer, two will have contested races; the two county commissioner positions.

Democrat Ellen White, who is currently the assistant County Clerk for Quay County will be running unopposed for the top clerking job in the county which is a four-year term.

“I feel very fortunate,” said White, “and I am thankful to be able to serve the community of Quay County.”

Fellow Democrat and current Quay County Treasurer Nadine Angel will also be running unopposed in her search for another four-year as the top Quay County treasurer. The two other races will see battles for their seats. In District 1, which is made up of basically the north and west portion of the county beginning at Route 66 Blvd., the battle will be exclusively in the primary race as incumbent Grace Madrid will be running against two fellow Democrats in the primary. The two running to unseat the incumbent Madrid are Daniel Garcia and Doyle Frasier. District 2, which is basically made up of the area south of Route 66 Blvd. to the county lines south and west, will see a contest in both the primary election and the general election.

The primary battle will be between Republicans Mark A. Hodge and Billy Ray Curry, both of whom have run for the position in the past. When the primary election is settled, the winner will take on incumbent Quay County Commissioner Jeffrey L. Lewalling. Both commissioner positions are four-year terms. According to current Quay County Clerk Jeannette Meaddaford, having contested races for commissioner seats is “pretty normal”, but pointed out that the numbers who turn out for the clerk and treasurer positions “varies from year to year.”

“It all depends on the people running and the interest,” said Meaddaford.

The primary election will be Tuesday, June 1 and the general election will be Tuesday, Nov. 2. Meaddaford said that a number of people in the community have unknowingly let their ability to vote lapse. She said that if a person wants to vote and has moved to Tucumcari, or moved within Tucumcari, he or she will have to go by the county clerk’s office to update their status. She also said if an individual wants to change his or her party affiliation, he or she will have to do it at the clerk’s office.