Man gives injured boy bicycle

TV Hagenah

The police report was cut and dried. A child riding his bicycle and a sports utility vehicle met at the intersection of Lake St. and Heman Ave. and the child was injured, the driver of the SUV called the police and the child was taken to the hospital and the bicycle was a total loss. But that was not where the story ended.

The child, Steven Jiminez, 11, stayed in the hospital over night with bruises a lost tooth, contusions to his face and loosen teeth.

“He was in a lot of pain and naturally was in great shock,” said his grandmother Mary Jiminez.

He was released from the hospital the following day and when he reached his home on Whitmore Street, the one thing he didn’t expect to find to greet him was a bicycle since his had been mangled by the accident. But, that, in fact, was the one thing that was waiting for him. With the bicycle was a note from Tucumcari resident, Theo Martinez, which read, “Hey lil man, here’s my bike. You can have it.”

“I was very excited,” said the Steven about receiving the bicycle. “I didn’t expect it.”

Martinez said that his girlfriend had seen the accident occur and she and he went over to see if they could be of any assistance.

“I saw the bike,” said Martinez, “It was all smashed.”

He said he recalled that when he was young, his mother had given him a bicycle and he had only ridden it a couple of times so he took it over to Jimenez home and left it with the note.

“When my girlfriend saw how smashed the bike was, she wanted to give him a bicycle too,” said Martinez. “Anybody would have wanted to give him a new bike if they saw how smashed it was.”

The new and old owner of the bicycle have not had a chance to get together yet and compare notes. According to the elder Jimenez, her grandson is still recuperating and Martinez said he has been working since he took the bicycle over to the Jimenez residence. Mary Jimenez also said that predictably since the accident, Steven is still a little leery about riding.

“But I know he (Steven) wants to thank him (Martinez),” said Mary Jimenez.