Tracksters impress many with speed

TV Hagenah

“Our kids open some people’s eyes by the times they turned in this early in the season,” said Rattler Track Coach Wayne Ferguson about the performances of Tucumcari High School Runners at the Fort Sumner Qualifier, Tuesday. “Actually, they opened mine too.”

Ferguson said the rattler runners and field personnel turned in “some of the fastest times in the state for our class and possibly for all the classes in the state.”

The Tucumcari track coach that was indeed an impressive accomplishment as early as March. The boy’s team placed third overall behind Santa Rosa and Fort Sumner in the 11 team field. The coach said that over and above the excellent times that were turned in by his track people and the distances that were turned in by his field people he was happy for another reason also.

“It’s nice to have my entire team at a meet,” said Ferguson referring to team members who were not present for earlier meets because of illnesses and spring break.

Ferguson said six more Rattlers qualified at the Fort Sumner meet for the New Mexico State competition.
Jamie Jones did it in both the discus and in the javelin.
Nemie Salvador, Chris McCasland, and Rob McClelland qualified in both the 400 and 800 meter relays. Jonathan Reno qualified in the 400 meter relay and Nickolaus Wiegel qualified in the 800 meter relay. Rob McClelland qualified in the 100 meter dash while Chris McCasland qualified in the 200 meter dash. Nemie Salvador, who had already qualified at an earlier meet, once again put in a qualifying distance in the jump.

Ferguson said at least two of the girls are running well enough that they will probably be able to qualify in upcoming meets.

100 meter dash -1st- 11.16 seconds; McClelland.
400 meter dash -6th- 59.26 seconds; Marc Salas.
200 meter dash -1st- 22.94 seconds; McCasland.
300 meter hurdles -5th- 45.99 seconds; Adrian Jones.
400 meter relay-1st- 44.41 seconds; Salvador, McCasland, Reno, McClelland.
800 meter relay -1st- 1:32.83 minutes; Salvador, McCasland, Wiegel, McClelland.
Medley relay -3rd- 4:00 minutes; Salvador, Eric Holt, Andy Lau, Steven Taylor.
1600 relay -2nd- 3:40.92 minutes; Holt, Lau, Wiegel, Taylor.
Shot put -3rd- 39’3”: Jonathan Reno. 5th- 37’; Stephen Quintana.
Discus -4th- 105’2”; Stephen Quintana.
Long Jump -2nd- 20’3”; Salvador.
Triple Jump -2nd- 38’9”: Salvador. 3rd- 37’11”; Holt. 4th-36’8” Lau.
Javelin -4th- 36’8”; Nathan McDonald.

400 meter relay -4th- 56.97 seconds; Whitney Spinks, T’Shawna Span, Cydnie Rich, Jacqueline Lopez.
800 meter relay -5th- 2:02.78 minutes; Spinks, Span, Rich, Stephanie Valverde.
Medley Relay -4th- 5:12.48 minutes; Spinks, Span, Rich, Theresa Chacon.
1600 meter relay -2nd- 5:09.13; Rich, Brittany Border, Valverde, Chacon.
Shot put -5th- 28’9”: Andrea Garcia.
Discus -2nd- 99’7”; Jones. 3rd- 88’6”: Samantha Montano. 6th- 78’3”; Garcia.
Javelin -2nd- 100’1”; Jones. 6th- 84’6”; Garcia.