Generations join for Easter

TV Hagenah

Easter came a bit early for the residents of the Quail Ridge Assisted Living Center. In fact it came four days early as sixth-grade students from Tucumcari Middle School traveled to the center to visit the residents there.

20 students left their school early to get a chance to get to the assisted living center so they could visit with the senior citizens living there.

While there, the 20 visited, read to the residents books, and even presented the senior citizens with gifts the students had made themselves.

Their teacher, Louise Ayers who each year brings the sixth graders in her “Skills for Living” class to Quail Ridge at Easter time. She said it helps created a bond between the two generations of Tucumcari residents.

“I think it is a very valuable exercise,” said Ayers, “and I think both the younger and the older people learn from it.”
Ayers said she has found that the experience really sticks with students also.

“I have had students come back and see me years later and they always remember the visits,” said Ayers about when she used to take students to the Autumn Days Nursing Home. “They always mention that.”

Most of the students seemed to realize that the experience would stick with them in the up coming years.

“It’s really cool to be able to come and be with the people here,” said sixth-grader Corinne Lauriault about the trip to the assisted living center.

Lauriault’s sentiment was echoed by fellow sixth grader Nathan Andrada.

“I think it’s really fun to be here and talk to the people who have been around a lot longer than we have.” said Andrada. “They really know a lot.”

On the residents’ side, they said they found the influx of young people a pleasant diversion for them.

“I just think it is so wonderful,” said resident Lillian Huff about the children coming out to see her and her fellow Quail Ridge residents. “And to think they had to get up so early to do it.”