Rattler golfers falter at Ruidoso

William Thompson

Despite a score of 80 by Larry Roybal and an 83 by Matt Smith, the Tucumcari High School’s golf team finished back in the pack of a 14-team tournament at Ruidoso’s Municipal Golf Course held last Monday and Tuesday.

The Tucumcari team failed to reach their target score of 334, scoring an uncharacteristic 353. Rattler coach Charlie Maciel said all hope is certainly not lost for the team this season.

We think we will hit our target in upcoming tournaments,” said Maciel. “We are very enthusiastic.”

Coach Maciel said the Ruidoso tournament was fraught with difficulties from the outset.

“It was cold and windy up there,” he said. “There was snow on the golf course. In fact, teams only golfed 13 rounds on the first day because of snow.”

Aaron Peacock, Brian Lopez and Nick Wiegel also made the trip for the Rattlers, and Coach Maciel said despite their high scores at Ruidoso, those three are eager to get back to practice.

Coach Maciel said his golfers claimed to have problems with their short game.

“The kids said they were having trouble with their putting.,” he said. “It was just a tough day. It was a very hilly course. In the end, when your game is off, it’s off.”

Maciel said the reason his team’s lackluster showing will not affect them too negatively is that the golfers have the right mental outlook.

“Our kids don’t look back,” said Maciel. “They are aware of their mistakes but they want to move forward to the next match, the next tournament”

The Rattlers’ next stop will be a tournament in Portales. All in all the Rattlers have five more tournaments in which to equal or better their target score of 334.

The Rattlers must reach their target score two more times before the end of the regular season in order to make it to the state tournament.

Maciel once again emphasized his and his team’s enthusiasm concerning the upcoming tournaments.

“We are going into the tournament in Portales with a lot of energy,” said Maciel. “I think we have a real good chance of meeting our target score at least two more times before all is said and done.”