Walking promoted in county

TV Hagenah

According to Quay County Home Extension Agent Brenda Bishop, “Quay County on the Move” is a program involving lifting feet up and putting them down. It is about walking.

The idea is that people challenge themselves and others to increase the number of steps they walk a day. This is done by wearing a pedometer and keeping track of the number of steps taken during the day on a log sheet. The goal is to add 2000 or more steps to the number of steps a person usually takes in a day.

Bishop said, to be part of “Quay County on the Move,” county residents must register and send in their total steps weekly.
“When you sign up,” said Bishop, “we will give you a tally sheet and some information to help you get started. We will add up everyone’s steps to see if we can walk Route 66 from Chicago to Tucumcari in 2 months. We may even make it to L.A..”

Bishop said to add to the fun, groups of people may challenge other groups and the progress of the groups in question will be publicized. The walking program will begin on May 8 and end on July 8. Pedometers will cost $5 each and may be purchased at the Quay County Wellness Fair on May 8 or at the Extension Office or Health Office after May 8. 

To reserve a pedometer or enroll a group, individuals should call Doris Hight at the Quay County Health Office at 461-2656