Arrest may clear two cases

William Thompson

A 24-year-old Tucumcari man is charged with assaulting police and burglary after a standoff with officers early Saturday morning.

Albert Gutierrez is accused of telling officers he was prepared to shoot them when they showed up at his residence at 709 E. Heman St. in response to a report of domestic violence. Tucumcari Police Officer Jon Howard was one of the first on the scene. He said he and officer Shane Strand saw a vehicle in the driveway with four slashed tires.

“We knocked on the door of the house. A man told us to identify ourselves. When we said we were police officers, he told us to stay back or he would shoot us,” Howard said.
Howard said Tucumcari Police Department Officer. Charlie Aguirre talked Gutierrez into coming outside and surrendering. Amber Encinias and her 17 year old step-daughter, Theresa, were inside the Heman Street residence during the standoff. Encinias said her step-daughter, Gutierrez’ girlfriend, was later taken to Trigg Memorial Hospital and checked by emergency room staff.
When officers entered the residence, they saw a number of electronic items they believed may have been stolen from Shipley Systems on West Tucumcari Boulevard, Howard said.

Sandie Shipley, co-owner of Shipley Systems, said someone entered the store through the roof sometime late Friday evening or early Saturday morning. “We are still taking inventory, but I know six police scanners were stolen, a car stereo and various other electronic devices, “ Shipley said. “The stolen merchandise was worth somewhere in the thousands of dollars.”Amber Encinias said she became worried Saturday morning when her step-daughter would not pick up the phone at the Heman Street residence. Encinias then decided to go to the residence to see what was amiss.

“I got there and saw the tires slashed on my truck,” said Encinias,”and that’s when all this stuff started happening.”
Gutierrez is being held in Quay County Detention Center. According to QCDC officials, a $76,000 bond has been set for the charges stemming from the police standoff, and a $31,000 bond has been set for charges relating to the Shipley Systems burglary.