Clerk’s office promotes Quay voter registration

William Thompson

The Quay County Clerk’s Office is conducting a voter registration drive through May 4. That is the day registration will close for voters wishing to cast ballots in the Primary Election.

Anyone who will be 18 years of age before June 1, the date of the Primary Election, is eligible to register. Jeannette Maddaford, Quay County Clerk, said she is making a special effort to get the word out to Quay County high schools. “I will be visiting each school in Quay County,” said Maddaford. “I will be registering seniors who will be 18 by June 1.”

Marsha Castro, an 18-year old senior at Tucumcari High School, said she registered at school when Maddaford dropped by recently with registration forms. “I don’t know too much about the upcoming election. i need to find out more,” said Castro. “If you don’t vote you can’t change anything.”
Frank Lopez, another Tucumcari High School senior, said he registered to vote but isn’t sure if he will actually vote.
“I haven’t really heard anything at all about the election,” said Lopez. “ I haven’t noticed that much interest.”

Maddaford noted that the upcoming primary is important because of the number of state and local offices up for grabs. “There will be voting for U.S representatives, state senators, state representatives and state judges,” said Maddaford. “One state Supreme Court judge position is up for election and a court of appeals judge position is up for election as well.”

In addition to the state races, Quay County has contested races for Commissioners in District 1 and 2. Maddaford said that so far, 3,817 Democrats have registered and 1,471 Republicans have registered in Quay County. She said that she has noticed slightly less interest in this year’s election.
“There seems to have been more interest in past years,” said Maddaford. “It’s really unpredictable each year, though. People tend to get more interested when they start seeing the candidates’ signs.” Registration forms may be obtained at various locations including the Motor Vehicles Department, local banks, Mesalands Community College, City Hall and government offices including the county clerk’s office.