Commissioners reject center’s roof upgrade

TV Hagenah

The senior center will not have a new roof in the next few weeks. Despite hopes to the contrary by both patrons of the senior center and of Tucumcari City Commissioners, for the second commission meeting in a row, the commissioners decided to reject the bids by area contractors for the job.

As with the previous meeting two contractors made bids for the project, T.S. Bailey Enterprises and Daniel Construction Co. and Supply both made bids. As with the earlier bids T.S. Bailey Enterprises made the lower bid, but City Finance Director Marty Garcia, who was making the presentation of the bids, pointed out that Daniel Construction had requested “resident” contractor preference thus giving him a five percent advantage and dropping his bid to a lower point than T.S. Bailey.

The commissioners were about to vote on awarding the contract to Daniel Construction when Trace Bailey of T.S. Bailey Enterprises asked and was given permission to speak. He pointed out that he too was eligible for the “resident” contractor preference, but did not because it was not on the requirements he was give to work from. He also pointed out other inequalities and unfair aspects of the bidding process.

City Commissioner Mary Mayfield queried Garcia and Bailey about the inequalities of the bidding and when she was finished, she withdrew her motion before the commission to accept the Daniel Construction Co. and Supply bid.
“I want to do what is right,” said Mayfield. I want everything to be fair. I hate to be the one who stops the roof going on the senior center, but I want to do the right thing.” She then moved to reject the bid and instructed Garcia to have the bidders redo their bids with all the proper aspects.
“Let’s make sure everything is right this time,” said Mayfield.
The motion carried 4-0.