Tucumcari Middle School Students win break

TV Hagenah

Even though it was rainy and somewhat cold, eighth graders from Tucumcari Middle School enjoyed standing outside dining on popcorn and soft drinks Friday morning just an hour after school began.

The event took place because their class had beaten out all the other classes at the middle school in a competition to see which class could collect the largest number of receipts from Lowe’s Grocery in Tucumcari. According to Tucumcari Middle School English teacher and eighth grade sponsor Danica Arguello, the eighth graders took up the challenge of collecting the receipts and were determined to win.

“They set their minds to it,” said Arguello, “and they just kept bringing those receipts in. It was dedication. They wanted to help the school get stuff.” The Lowe’s Grocery Corporation had agreed to purchase “stuff” such as school supplies and computers for the middle school depending on the number of Lowe’s Grocery receipts brought in by its students and Arguello said that the eighth graders were determined that they would be the class to bring in the most.

Students said they had hoped that the weather would be warmer as it had earlier in the week when they had their popcorn and soft drink break on the patio on the north end of the school but were elated to be “out” while their fellow students were “in.” Lowe’s assistant manager Veronica Garcia said Lowe’s Grocery was happy to be a part of the celebration (they provided the foodstuffs) and was proud to help with the school items.

“We’d just like to say congratulation to the eight graders,” said Garcia about the young people. “They did a good job. We look forward to helping students in the future.”