VFW post to help with local lawns

TV Hagenah

Recently, when a job needed to be done (actually a number of jobs needed to be done), the city turned to the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the VFW said they would be “honored” to do it.

In their push to beautify the City of Tucumcari, the city commission has begun to make upkeep of lawns and garden a mandatory responsibility, but the members of the commission realized that many of the residents of the city are elderly and some are handicapped and because of that are incapable of dealing with much of the responsibilities of their yards. “We felt,” said Tucumcari City Commissioner Mary Mayfield, “that we had to have someone that could step in and help these people with the upkeep of their property and we thought of the VFW.”

Tucumcari Mayor Antonio Apodaca volunteered to talk to the local VFW post in the city since he was a member and ask them if they would be willing to assist their fellow residents with such things as lawn work. Thursday evening, the Tucumcari VWF Post Commander Oracio Encinias was present at city hall to officially accept the responsibility of helping the elderly and handicapped take care of their property. “We feel it is an honor to do this,” said Encinias about the responsibility of helping out the less able members of the Tucumcari community. “After all, the VFW is a service organization and this is part of that service we feel we can perform.”

Encinias said members of the VFW will be out taking care of the lawns and gardens of elderly and handicapped residents as soon as the city can get the post a list of those people they feel need the assistance. “That’s all we’re waiting for,” said the post commander. City manager Richard Penrose said the list would be coming soon and he too complimented the VFW post for their charitable assistance to their fellow residents. His opinion was echoed by the Tucumcari Mayor, Antonio Apodaca and all the members of the city commission.