Proficiency scores released

TV Hagenah

Of 82 schools in the state, two Quay County schools are ranked in the top 10 in some of the grades and areas in regard to their scores on the annual state proficiency exam.
Logan ranked fourth in eighth grade language arts recording in the 73.9 percentile, fourth in the fourth grade language arts scoring in the 68.4 percentile, fifth scoring in the 60.9 percentile in the eighth grade math and 10th in the fourth grade math scoring in the 68.4 percentile.

San Jon eighth grade students did very well in the state testing scoring fifth in the state in the language arts portion of the test with a 72.2 percentile and fourth in the math portion of the test with a 61.1 percentile. San Jon’s fourth graders did not fare quite as well scoring in the 27.3 percentile in language arts placing them 74 and in the 36.4 percentile in the math portion of the exam placing them 72nd among other fourth graders in math.

Tucumcari eighth graders placed consistently on all the lists in all aspects of the tests both for the eighth graders and fourth graders. Tucumcari eighth graders scored in the 50.5 percentile in language arts which put them 49th among the school taking part. The eighth graders also scored in the 38.7 percentile in mathematics which was the 58th highest score among the 82 schools whose scores were released.
In the fourth grade for the Tucumcari students, the students scored in the 44.7 percentile in language arts which ranked them 48th over all of the schools recording scores. In math the Tucumcari fourth graders scored 38.3 putting which was 67th behind the top school in math in the state which was Los Alamos.

“We are not where we want to be,” said Tucumcari Superintendent of Schools William Reents PhD., “but we are improving and that is an important aspect of this.”
In fact Reents said that he has a very positive feeling about the test scores. “We feel good about our improvement in test scores,” said Rents. “We want to show growth on this, and we intend to keep our scores on the rise. We’re aiming at that.”

Superintendent of San Jon Schools Joel Henry also said he was encouraged by his students improvements on the proficiency exams especially his eighth graders.
“We are very happy with those scores,” said Henry.
He said academics is one of his stresses at San Jon and for that reason among others, he anticipates that the San Jon scores will improve as time goes on. “We won’t be satisfied until we are the top school in the state academically,” said Henry about the proficiency exam.
Carolyn Franklin, the superintendent of Logan Schools said she is happy with how Logan School did.

“We did OK,” said Franklin about being one of the top schools in the state in taking the proficiency test, “but we don’t feel one test is really an adequate test as to what our students know. We try to teach to the state standards which the test covers and we try to set the curriculum so the kids will learn as best as they can.” Franklin said there is another aspect in Logan Schools turning out high number on the proficiency exam. “We have good kids who have good parents; parents who care about school and send their children to school well rested and well fed. That makes the child’s day a lot easier.” said Franklin .

House school took the test but because their classes were as small as they were, their grades were not provided to the media. The top school for fourth grade math in the state was Los Alamos scoring in the 83.4 percentile, second was Chama Valley with a score of 77.3. The top school in eighth grade math was Tatum with a 85 percentile placing. Second among eighth graders in math was Los Alamos with an 82 percentile score.

The top school in fourth grade language arts was Los Alamos with 78 percentile rank. Second was Texico with a 77.3 percentile rank. The top school in language arts for eighth graders was also Los Alamos with a percentile score of 85. The nearest score was Reserve with 80.