San Jon buys water from Logan

TV Hagenah

A pipeline currently under construction between Logan and San Jon will begin delivering water to San Jon on July 1 according to officials from both cities.

San Jon’s Administrator Bobbye Rose, said San Jon needs the water from Logan because San Jon’s water system cannot produce an adequate supply of quality water. “We have had water restrictions during the year, and we have been cited for fluorides and nitrates in our water,” she said. “Our water comes from a well field and we have to treat it with reverse osmosis. With our limited supply of water we had no room for economic development.”

Rose said the new water from Logan will immediately spur economic growth in San Jon. “We hope that soon after we get the extra water, we will be able to attract a new motel, or a truck wash or other kinds of businesses near the interstate.,” she said. “Also the quality of water will be higher; people will notice a difference in the taste of the water.” Rose said San Jon began negotiations with Logan officials about a year and a half ago. She said the pipeline will be a boon for both cities. “We want to commend Logan for being good neighbors by sending us their water,” she said.” We get their water and they are getting money in return, so it works out for both of us.”

Rose said San Jon is able to pay for the new water because of numerous grants from state and federal sources.
“We received a $900,000 grant from the New Mexico Finance Authority, $500,000 from a federal community block grant and other grants as well,” said Rose. “ Logan’s City Manager Larry Wallin echoed Rose in saying that the pipeline will benefit both cities. “It’s a great deal for San Jon because they won’t have to treat the water with reverse osmosis. San Jon was losing water due to the osmosis process,” said Wallin. “The pipeline benefits us because water will cost less for residents of Logan because we will be pumping more water.”

Rose said that rural residents living between San Jon and Logan, along the pipeline’s path, have been inquiring as to whether the water will be available to them. “Right now we are not going to release water to those rural residents, but we will be looking into that possibility,” she said. “San Jon and Quay County officials will have to discuss the matter.”
Logan will be sending 100 gallons of water per minute to San Jon. That comes to roughly 50 million gallons per year or 324,000 gallons per acre/foot.