Library gets funding

TV Hagenah

The Tucumcari Public Library will be receiving over $11,000 in telecommunication discounts to help with the communication administration of their library.

The library received the funds under the E-rate program set up by the federal government to help ensure technology for schools and libraries. The funds will pay for the Internet access fees of the Library and also defray much of the required cell phone communications that the library maintains. “I think it is great for libraries like us,” said Library Director Mary Anne Molinas. “It is so good to help with those costs.” Molinas said that telecommunications has become a major part of the library in Tucumcari with things such as the Internet being such a big factor in modern library science.

The Tucumcari Library has five terminals with Internet access so the public can use them for study, communication, entertainment or research and they have another two for specifically earmarked for children. That is in addition to the terminals set aside for staff use.
U.S. Representative Tom Udall, D-N.M. said he was happy to be the one confirming the information that Tucumcari would be getting the funds. “The Internet is an important tool offering us all access to a wealth of resources,” said Udall. “This funding will help ensure patrons of the library will be provided with access to technology. This is wonderful news for Quay County.”

Molinas said she agrees with the representative regarding the E-rate program. “I am thankful that we get it,” said Library Director Mary Anne Molinas. “It is a wonderful program and all you really have to do is fill out the papers.”
E-Rate discounts range from 20 to 90 percent of the cost of telecommunications, Internet access and network wiring depending on the economic status of the community.