Mom reflects on special day

William Thompson

Female residents of Quail Ridge Senior Special Care Center have been receiving flowers and visits from their children this Mother’s Day weekend.

A.J. Williams, the supervising care giver at Quail Ridge, said many of the 13 mothers who live at Quail Ridge go out to eat with their children in remembrance of Mother’s Day. “Their children come by and take them out to church and out to eat,” said Williams. “Children who live far away send flowers. The mothers beam when they tell the staff that their sons and daughters sent them flowers.” Lady Mary Dickinson, a resident at Quail Ridge, received a bouquet of flowers Friday from her daughter Gail who resides in Nashville, Fla.

“All my kids remember me for Mother’s Day,” said Dickinson. “Gail sent me flowers and my son Jim came from Clovis to take me out to eat today. My daughter Betty lives here in Tucumcari and comes by often, and I have another daughter in Arizona who keeps in touch.”
Williams said that Quail Ridge is planning a special Mother’s Day meal for those wishing to dine at the care center tomorrow. “Our cook will be preparing a homemade meal,” she said. “We will be serving steak fingers with gravy, baked potatoes, spinach and apple pie a la mode.”
Dickinson said that she was the first resident at Quail Ridge.

“When my husband passed away, I lived in a big house all by myself for nine years,” said Dickinson. “I got tired of living in that big house all by myself, and decided to move here.”
Dickinson said she has not regretted her decision to move into Quail Ridge. “All the people here are my friends,” she said. “I have no complaints whatsoever.” Williams said that in addition to the special meal, the residents will be treated to a movie on the big screen TV tomorrow. “The ladies here like classic movies,” said Williams, “especially John Wayne movies.”

Williams said she expects flowers to be arriving all day today, and that it is always a thrill for the residents when flowers arrive. “When people get older, they don’t expect as much,” said Williams. “They are content with what little they get.” Dickinson said that she might have to skip the special meal at Quail Ridge tomorrow. “My daughter Betty will come by to take me to church and she will probably insist on taking me out to eat.”