Students gain literacy, GED at Mesalands

Joyce Ransom, a Literacy student at Mesalands Community College is finding out that it is never too late to get more education.

Last August Ransom decided it was time to take the advice she had been given to improve her reading and writing skills. At 62 and with a third-grade education, she enrolled in the literacy program at Mesalands Educational Services Center and said she has not looked back since.
“I plan to keep at it (improving her literacy skills) until I can get my G.E.D.,” Ransom said. “Then I’ll go on to college.”
Like many adults in the same situation today, Ransom had to quit school at an early age to help support her family.
“We are really proud of Joyce’s accomplishments since she started in the program last summer,” said her tutor Lucy Sandoval. “She is making great strides in being able to read and write; something she couldn’t do when she came to us.”

Working along side Ransom in the Educational Services Center, is a group of students, tutored by Ina Broughton, in pursuit of their G.E.D.s. According to Mesalands representative John Yearout, students seeking their G.E.D. can work self-paced in a one-on-one situation or work together in a classroom situation. The G.E.D. test is given once each month at Mesalands. Although the instructional services are provided at no cost, there is a G.E.D. test fee of $50.00. Instructional costs are paid through an adult basic education grant.

“Our G.E.D. students have done very well in the past with a pass rate of 92% on G.E.D. test in 2003,” said Mesalands Community College Educational Services Director, Christine Dougherty. Students have access to various learning aids including books, magazines, multimedia and computers, and can obtain assistance from any of the seven employees in Educational Services. The department also offers learning assistance in English as a Second Language and Citizenship. The programs are also available at St. Annes Church, the Wautonomah Residence Council, the Success Center, and Clayton Public Library.
For more information contact Mesalands Community College or call 461-4413, ext 124.