Nursing home helps residents

Winnie Hagenah

Laurel Hills Healthcare in Tucumcari has recently launched a new program that is bringing back local residents who have had to go to Amarillo or Lubbock for their medical needs.

Erika Smith, a recent nursing school graduate of Texas Tech University, will be working in Texas as the new “Nurse Liaison” for Laurel Healthcare to help ease the process of bring family members back to Tucumcari. She is a registered nurse with experience in acute and long-term care facilities. “This new program is going to be a huge benefit for the residents of Tucumcari,” said Laurel Healthcare’s Regional Administrator Kim Bangerter. “It will allow families to have loved ones near during the rehabilitation process.”

The Tucumcari nursing home has recently received certification as a Skilled Nursing Facility and is now able to provide therapy and rehabilitation for those residents who require it following surgery or for any other medical need.
Laurel Hills has contracted with the Therapy Department at the Dr. Dan C. Trigg Memorial Hospital to meet all the residents’ therapy needs. Hospital administrator Hoyt Skabelund says he is excited to be able to provide the therapy and work closely with Laurel Hills.

“We want to add to the success of the community in any way we can,” said Bangerter. “Laurel Healthcare is committed to make this facility family-oriented and friendly. I really feel these recent changes are the first steps to reaching that goal.”