Artists start class for youths

TV Hagenah

If Doug Quarles has his way, in about a month, the Tucumcari area will be overrun with young artists.
That is why the area painter and muralist is, with his artist wife Sharon Watson, scheduling art classes at their studio-home west of the city during the early summer.

“There are some very talented young people around here when it comes to art,” said Quarles “and I would like to help them learn more about drawing and painting.” Quarles and his wife will be holding week-long classes the first of the series beginning June 7 where they will teach young people the basics of becoming an artist. “We will start with basic drawing and move on to basic painting,” said Quarles about the week-long class scheduled for mornings from 8 a.m.- noon.

The two area artists are quick to point out that the art classes they are offering are not for parents who are looking for babysitters to take care of their children during a week of the summer months. “We’re looking for serious students,” said Quarles. “This will be intense. We want young people who are looking to work at art not play around.” For that reason the duo in aiming at area youths in general between 11 and 17 years old although they will accept students out side of that age range if they are clearly dedicated.

“We want them young enough to be able to learn but not so young that they can’t maintain the intensity necessary.”
Quarles said that he and his wife decided to offer the class because they saw a void in the general area of art education and felt they could fill that void. “So much art is being cut these days,” said Quarles about school programs. “And I’m not just talking about painting, but all the arts music, dance and theater – all of them are being cut, and we just feel we might be able to help fight that trend in some way.”

The professional artists will work with the young students for a week teaching them the basics of drawing and painting in realistic styles and then at the end of the week we will invite parents and guardians in to see the progress of their children. “Sharon and I are very excited about it.” The two artists said there is even a chance that later in the summer the young artists might be asked to help with one of the murals being painted around town. “Who knows, we might even set aside one for the young people,” said Quarles.
The cost for the class will be $75. All supplies will be provided. For more information call: 461-7891.