Teachers start program

Holli Cantrell and Andrea Hodge, Masters of Education students at Eastern New Mexico State University, implemented a literacy project at Tucumcari Elementary during March and April in coordination with the College of Education at ENMU.

“Our ‘Family Bag It’ project, labeled F.B.I., included literacy theme bags, that the children got to take home and read and write together with their families,” said Cantrell and Hodge. Both teachers feel it has been a wonderful opportunity to work with the families that are interested and involved in their children’s reading education. Cantrell and Hodge were part of 18 reading master students who were required to plan and design a family literacy project and to implement the project in their local communities. The literacy project is part of a large-scale family literacy initiative in the state of New Mexico.

Dr. Jeanne Cobb, associate professor of reading at ENMU, is the director of the program initially established by a $71,000 grant from Verizon Literacy Foundation.
“We know that many children in New Mexico do not have access to books in their homes or even to books in a nearby public library. This project provides literacy materials and books to families so that children can succeed in school,” said Cobb. As a result of her work in family literacy, Cobb has recently been chosen for a Scholastic Literacy Partners grant that awards large discounts on books for literacy programs. This will make it possible to give approximately 2700 books to children in Tucumcari, Clovis, Portales, Hobbs, Roswell, Ruidoso and Artesia.