Historical Institute to see rare zebra

TV Hagenah

The President of the Tucumcari Historical Institute, Duane Moore announced earlier this week that the institute will be traveling to the New Mexico Zebra Ranch between Roy and Wagon Mound on Friday, June 11.

“In the past we have traveled there on Saturday, but the ranch has changed its policy and they no longer do tours of the area on Saturdays, only Fridays,” said Moore.
Moore said the New Mexico Zebra Ranch is known internationally for their work with endangered species of Zebra. “For instance, in one case there are only eight of this one type in existence and they have five of them,” said Moore. “I think the San Diego Zoo has the other three.”
The ranch also has rare Mongolian ponies recently featured on special documentaries on the animals.

Moore said the trip is free to members of the historical institute but memberships are still available to the public at $5 per person or $10 per family. For more information call 461-2773.