DECA honors fellow students

TV Hagenah

Five Tucumcari Distributive Education Club o America students were honored with the “Top Five” awards which according to Antonio Pacheco honor the best five DECA students at the high school.

“Selecting the top five is not an easy task,” said Pecheco, “being that all of my DECA students are winners and have been the key to our success.” The five awards were “Most Improved Student,” the “Salesperson of the Year,” the “Highest DECA Grade Point Average,” the “Best Attendance Award,” and the “DECA Image Student of the Year.”
The Most Improved DECA Student honor, which went the DECA student who had shown “all around improvement in class performance, attitude, attendance and completion of set goals” went to Monique Ulibarri.
The DECA Salesperson of the Year award went to Erica Sandoval.

The Highest DECA Grade Point Average was maintained by Candy Harris. The DECA student with the fewest number of absences from classes thus winning the Attendance Award went to Jose Gardea. The winner of the DECA Image Student of the Year which went to according to Pacheco, “the DECA student who led the local organization by example, was successful and respected by all, was key in making the club a success and is a future leader to emulate,” was Sandy Maes.