Frasier running for commission seat

Doyle W. Frasier
1. What is it that makes Quay County uniquely Quay County?

“I have lived numerous places traveling with road construction and Quay County is definitely unique. I feel the diversified cultures and compatibility of our county gives us an inner strength you don’t see in other places. We live here because we choose and we all strive to make Quay County a better place.”

2. What do you see as the future of Quay County?

“I see progress as the future of Quay County. We are not New York City or Denver, Colorado where things happen ‘first’. We will get our opportunity to grow into a well-rounded county if we continue to work for the betterment of our area. With progressive leaders, we will make decisions based upon facts and help choose the road to a positive future, not only for ourselves but also for those after us. A positive approach is a good approach and I feel that is where we should begin.”

3. What do you see as the biggest problem facing Quay County at this time?

“One of the biggest problems facing Quay County is the water issue. With this our most precious commodity, we must preserve and wisely make decisions regarding its use. I feel industry, energy, and waste are problems which need our attention also.”

4. How do you go about solving this problem?

“Through teamwork we can solve most any problem. The water issue must be addressed with the uppermost thought of preservation for our community. Water is a drawing card for visitors to our lakes, population growth and industry. Supporting the industry we already have in Quay County is necessary. Mesalands Community College is a plus for our area as well as our strategic location for travelers. The diverse population of the college is the stepping-stone to better-educated youth. We are a county rich with historic value and untapped resources.
With the growth of our college and the recent addition of the wind farms and the oil and gas explorations, Quay County is looking to a new future.”

5. Why are you better suited for this position than your opponent?

“I feel the county is a business, to be run as a business. I worked in road construction for 33 years followed by owning and operating a business in Tucumcari for 22 years. I previously served eight years as county commissioner of district 1. I know how to stretch the dollars, keep the communication open and serve Quay County. I also feel cooperation with the city and county leaders will produce a positive outcome. Consistency and faith in a higher standard will make for a county we can be proud of.”