Garcia running for commission seat

Daniel Garcia
!. What is it that makes Quay County uniquely Quay County?

First, its history. You find here evidence of prehistoric times, dinosaur bones, seashells, petrified wood, etc; evidence of when Quay County lay under a shallow sea. Then there is its cultural diversity; evidence of when Native Americans dominated here. You can find arrow heads, etc. Espanol and English are spoken.
We have two Mexican land grants; west and north of Tucumcari – The Pablo Montoya Grant, which was about the size of the state of Connecticut then the Baca Grant. Fort Bascom was just north of Tucumcari. Historical forts that should be highlighted when talking about Quay County. We have Ute Lake and Conchas Dam within driving distance. We sit on I-40 and Highway 54. These should be pluses when talking about economic development for Quay County.

2. What do you see as the future of Quay County?

With the right and new elected leadership, I feel optimistic about Quay County. We have I-40 and Highway 54 and the railroad that run right through Quay County. We have a water pipeline in the works that will bring additional water to Tucumcari from Ute Lake and create a few permanent jobs in Quay County. Those are things that should attract industry into the area.
I foresee the time when young people graduating from our school and our Mesalands College can find good paying and career jobs right at home so that they can provide a good living for their families.”

3. What do you see as the biggest problem facing Quay County at this time?

“The biggest problem I see is a lack of jobs; especially good paying career jobs. We are still exporting our young people because of inadequate employment opportunities. Until we do everything possible to bring in industry, we will continue to see “For Sale” signs everywhere you go, and people leaving the county in droves. Many would like to return home, but they can’t do that until we provide job opportunities here.
We need to reverse the migration trend, and the one way we can do that is by electing new officials. The old ones had their chances and you can see where they have led us; down a dead-end street.”

4. How would you go about solving this problem?

“To solve the problems we have, as I see it, we have to go out and actively recruit businesses to relocate to Quay County, and we also have to do all we can to retain the businesses we do have. To do this, we have to go above and beyond just talking about economic development. We have to do more than just attend meeting of high sounding boards and commissions that don’t seem to do anything afterwards.
One thing that we can do June 1 in district one is to elect me, Daniel Garcia Quay County Commissioner. The other two have already had their chance to change things. Ask yourself, have they?”

5. Why are you better suited for this position than your opponent?

To answer this question adequately, I first have to give you a brief history of Quay County and in particular, District 1. Quay County has been in existence for a little over a century, over 100 years. In that length of time, we have only had two Hispanic Quay County Commissioners and that only in the last few years.
This now brings me to District 1. District 1 was created by the Federal District Court after Hispanics complained to the court that Hispanics could not get elected to county offices because of the prejudice factor against Hispanos in the county. So then after finding that Hispanos were correct, the federal court saw fit to create a district with a Hispanic majority so that Hispanics could reasonably expect to elect one of their own to the county commission. This is still only one of three that Hispanics can reasonably expect to be elected in any county election.
The differences between my opponents and me are:
“Doyle Frazier and me – I can speak Spanish. I am a life-long resident of my district. Doyle has lived in New Mexico all his life; never though evidently that learning Espanol was important, ask yourself how can he adequately represent a Hispanic majority district if he were to win? He would in reality disenfranchise the whole Hispanic population of Quay County. He is like the coyote in the hen house.
Grace Madrid and me – What has she done for District 1 and for Hispanos in Quay County? The political signs that you see everywhere – English on one side – blank on the other.”