Madrid running for commission seat

Grace Madrid
1. What is it that makes Quay County uniquely Quay County?

Quay County’s uniqueness comes from the people who reside here. The people are warm and friendly with a deep faith in their fellow man. My experience is that they are generous to a fault. We possess a quality of life that I believe is unparralled to any other county I have visited. It’s a great place to raise a family and get an education. It’s unique to have an accredited community college in a county with a low population such as ours. Our county is unique in that we have several medical clinics to serve those who are uninsured. We are blessed by a wonderful climate. The cost of living is low when compared to other areas across the country. Quay County also has natural resources such as water and the wind energy that generates the wind energy farms that recently began operating.”

2. What do you see as the future of Quay County?

“I believe Quay County has the resources and power to achieve the county’s full potential for economic growth and development now and in the future.”

3. What do you see as the biggest problem facing Quay County at this time?

“As a county commissioner within the commission, my concern is strengthening our economic base. As a commission we have worked with other agencies within the city, county and state to promote and encourage industry to locate in our area and for local citizens to venture into business. This will continue to be a struggle too, as we try to maintain and promote economic development. But I also believe that during my term we have seen significant progress. This commission worked as a team with other entities to see the wind energy farms become operational and provide revenue for the county and our schools. In addition, continuing to provide great schools, medical facilities and business opportunities for county residents is also a challenge.”

4. How would you go about solving this problem?

“I would encourage that everyone work together well with other entities. I would maintain a leadership relationship with other regional economic development entities including leadership groups in Tucumcari and other nearby communities. I would enhance marketing programs to assist with promoting a positive image of Tucumcari, Quay County, New Mexico for recruitment efforts. I would assist the City of Tucumcari in identifying growth issues impacting economic development. I would support and encourage improvements to city/state highway infrastructure, explore the possibilities of additional rail service to industrial sites. I would assist firms in attracting, recruiting and retaining candidates to Tucumcari.”

5. Why are you better suited for this position than your opponents?

“I am passionate about helping others and being involved in my community. It’s who I am. My dream for this county is to see economic development flourish and I’m committed to help make that dream happen. During my term, the county has overcome obstacles, for example, the computer crash of 2000 that confronted the commission when I came into office in 2001. We resolved those issues. I am not a person who dwells on what’s wrong but I pursue solutions to make things right.
It’s been my mission to not only work for what is best for my district but to so what is best for the entire county. When I last won this commission position for District 1, I dedicated the last four years to accomplishing that mission. The success of my commitment is in the new Quay County Family Health Clinic, the Wind Energy Farms, new computer systems and software for county employees, better wages for county employees, infrastructure improvements to county buildings and the commodities program. I was instrumental in acquiring monies through state appropriations for our county.
This commission also was involved in incorporating the Mesalands Community College Rodeo program into the Quay County Fair Exhibit Center, this entity has generated revenue this past year that was sufficient for infrastructure improvements for the first time in many, many years.
These are just a few reasons why I am the best candidate for this position. I am current on all issues the county is currently involved in. I’ve developed political relationships throughout the county and state that makes me more effective in Santa Fe for county issues and needs and these are just a few reasons I am better suited for this position. Please look at all the positive things that have occurred during my leadership.”